We’ll always have New York

Yes, Paris is the city that resonates most with my soul. But there is a part of me, an energy, an openness that is rooted in my years growing up in the crazy, hectic, tolerant, engaging energy that is New York. Working there last week I felt that connection. Somehow what seems like too many people, too much commerce, too much hyperness, and yes too much poverty, somehow comes together to work. As we were filming a commercial I would take a moment to watch the bike commuters, sail over the Brooklyn Bridge, dispersing into the city, the start of a beautiful day. And the end of that day, on what in part was a tacky bar scene on a Fifth Ave. rooftop, was in larger part an opportunity to view the city, on a clear and colorful evening.

The confidence of Paris

This young man sitting in a cafe sees me taking his picture and does not make a face, does not duck down out of frame, is not rude, fearful, or silly. He looks to the camera with confidence, an internal strength knowing that he is a worthy subject, and that we are collaborating in creating this image.