Ravishing Opening was Ravishing

Really beautiful opening last night with my fellow artists, Jeffrey Heyne, Bear Kirkpatrick, Leonard Nimoy, and Alicia Savage. The work was curated and hung beautifully by Gallery owner Susan Nalband and her husband Ed. So many friends and family came and you could sense respect they felt for the work and the process each of us takes to create. The show will be up till first week in May so try and visit!  Hours/Directions at www.555gallery.com

AND Artist’s talk on April 19th!  Details to follow!


Stark Show at 555 Gallery

I am excited to announce I will be having a show at an amazing gallery in South Boston, MA. The 555 Gallery, owned and curated by Ms. Susan Nalband, is going to be a wonderful resource for the exhibition, promotion, and education of photography and other medium. The show will feature my figurative work and will have an opening on March 27th, 2014 and will run through May 3rd. Please stand by for more details.

Provincetown a Smash

By Jen Stark

So! If you missed Jonathan’s show in Provincetown, here is the next best thing: a full, multimedia recap. The video and photos here are courtesy of Aaron Hobart of LocoMedia, who handles media at the moment for ArtCurrent.

The opening night was such a blast! We had a full house and everyone was so gracious and complimentary of the work. Speaking of the work, if you’re not 100% sure what Jonathan was showing, or just want to know a little bit more about the work, here’s a great, brief video of him introducing the show:

And now for the party!
Here are some of our favorite shots:

Art Current from the outside looking in - quite a scene!

Art Current from the outside looking in - quite a scene!

A patron admiring the work.

A patron admiring the work

View from above - the joint is jumpin'!

View from above - the joint is jumping!

Waiting for Olga to begin.

Waiting for Olga to begin

Olga Broumas, having a laugh.

Olga Broumas, having a laugh

Tina and Dorothy, ArtCurrent's owners, with Olga and Jonathan

Tina and Dorothy, ArtCurrent's owners, with Olga and Jonathan

Aside from of course Jonathan’s work, the highlight of the evening was poet Olga Broumas, who gave a reading that was both deeply thoughtful and complemented the work really nicely. And thanks to the magic of technology, if you missed it you can still see it here:

On a more materialistic note, we also had some shirts printed up using one of Jonathan’s most popular images, and just like the work 30% of the proceeds of sales went to benefit Helping Our Women.

Hits Back Tees

We do have tees leftover, and we’ll be putting them up on the site for sale in the next few weeks. So definitely look for a Tweet about how to get yourself one hot tee!

Thank you again so much to Olga, Tina, Dorothy, Jay (the gallery manager) and of course Aaron, for making our two weeks at the gallery an amazing experience and a huge success!

EMERGENCE – Women in Transformation

Official title for exhibition in Provincetown:  EMERGENCE – Women in Transformation.  I am excited about new work and hours in darkroom actually made sense when I stepped back and looked at the work.  It is always difficult to assess artistic merit and progress during the process. Plus, when my head is filled with the scent of the darkroom I find it best to breather fresh air before evaluating. Hope to see friends, family, curators, collectors, and raconteurs at the opening, July 21st at Art Current!

Opening at Art Current Confirmed

In transition we are often incredibly powerful

The date for the opening of my exhibition at Art Current has been confirmed. Saturday night July 2st will be opening night. The show will be hanging from July 20th  thru August 6th.  I am currently working on new pieces for the show and I am excited about the direction the images are taking.  The show coincides with Women’s Week in Provincetown and the gallery is  expecting a great turnout with what I hope will be a lot of attendees and perhaps interesting conversation at the opening. Accomodations in P-Town will be going fast as it is a big week there but I would love to see all my friends at the opening so please plan early…or bring a tent!


Stark @ Art Current this July

Hi all,

Wanted to let everyone, (figuratively), know that I will be having  show a Art Current in Provincetown this summer with an opening on July 20th or July 21st depending on the West End – East End gallery configurations and negotiations.  It will be a one person show centering on my ongoing work with the empowerment.  Specifically, the strength revealed in women both embracing moments of vulnerability and growing through traumatic times. I will be working diligently the next months and will share my thoughts as I work on and refine this show. Thanks to Tina and Dorothy at Art Current for their faith in me and support of my work.