Jonathan Stark is a photographer bringing a distinct visual and emotional perspective to his work through dedication to the medium of film.

A graduate of SUNY Binghamton in New York and Boston University, Stark studied photography, film, and broadcasting. He pursued further photographic studies at the Museum School, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and New England School of Photography.

Stark has had solo shows at Art:Current in Provincetown, The Hallway Gallery in Jamaica Plain, and the French Library and Cultural Center in Boston. He won a bronze award from the American Society of Media Photographers in 2009.

“My work is rooted in the emotional nature of all things and in my visceral response to a subject. From the moment a scene captures my attention I am involved in an intimate relationship. In composing, focusing, and ultimately exposing the film I am exploring the depths of that relationship. When the subject is in my viewfinder nothing else in the world exists. I am immersed in that person’s face or in that landscape’s composition. With a person, the most engaging photographs occur when that person feels the intensity of my visual/emotional attraction to them and responds with openness and trust.” – Jonathan Stark

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