Time to Get Started

It has been a meaningful start to 5779 with a great Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and then the building of our first Sukkah.

Sukkah Build

I am learning that the spiritual work of this time is intended to bring us to a place of gratitude and joy, not overwhelming fear and anxiety. The opportunity to make a personal inventory, make changes, make amends and do better can provide one with a real sense of hope and optimism which is what I am experiencing. While I have experienced this work/growth/joy paradigm  elsewhere it is wonderful to connect it to my Jewish heritage and practice. Relatedly, after my last post, and yes I have made a resolution to be more diligent with posting,  I received a comment informing me of behavior many years ago that was hurtful. I would like to make amends to that person and if they can let me know how to get in touch that would be helpful. If it was simply to inform me that I had not been the kind of person I hope to be, thank you, and I am doing my best to do better.

I am now moving  into a phase of work that is more art based and less commerce driven. not that the two are mutually exclusive.  Banksy recently created what can  be described as a completely Banksian statement on this.


My new studio office is coming together and although quite small some “Tetris”  is making it work and my friend and colleague Roy Vestrich has shown me that small spaces can be the foundation of big ideas.  I am starting more serious work on my Sticks & Stones project and will post images as they are created.

Studio Pret

Family is its own “project” and I am consistently challenged to step up and learn how not just to be competent, or functional, giving, or  helpful but to be all of that and more, gracefully and lovingly.

La familie Stark

So, I am getting started in 5779  and I am inspired to work and live joyfully even in the difficult moments…like when it’s pouring as I type… and I worry about the basement flooding…. 🙂

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