OK…More of the same…and then something else.

So the day I was waiting for came.  Swimming lesson with Missy A # 2. Now, it was a little more convoluted this time because at first Missy A. was wearing a long sleeve jersey designed to keep her warm. The problem was it was a little big and I felt like I couldn’t hold her as strongly and as gently as I wanted to. So I got mom to come and take the jersey and then she realized,  “Wait a minute…mom is not in the pool!!” So, it did take a while for here to settle down. But then, she actually got into chasing a floating red ball and her arms and legs were making the paddling motions…not quite paddling..but definitely on the way. So, as this photo shows, definitely getting to the ball…but still a little bit of ..”Mom…why are you not in the water?!”

Pool Time Jan 21 2018

But, once again, the most wondrous feeling to be in the water with her.  For me, the water is a safe place, unlike the rest of the planet with walls and corners, and stairs, and doors with edges,  and sharp objects and small objects, and cabinets with stuff in them…Whoa..no one told me how unsafe the planet is and how I need to trust a little bit or this anxiety will transmit to Miss A. and the one thing I know will harm her is FEAR. So, I bite my tongue, sew my lips, and wherever possible, put a little cushion, pillow, foam plumbing insulation to soften the most egregious edges. Perspective, I used to put that foam around the frame of my ever so precious carbon fiber bike to prevent scratches during transport. Yea, I still would like to keep the bike in good condition, but now my attitude is more like.. Please Hashem, if something needs to fall over today and get scratched..let it be my bike, my car, and or me…but not my daughter.

That said, as I don’t remember growing up in such a dangerous world, we decided to go Old School and let Alessandra drive the car home from the pool.

Baby you can drive my car


I mean, I think if you are over 35 you spent as least one session in a parent’s lap as they drove a vehicle somewhere local.  I think it builds confidence and self reliance. I mean I remember driving with my Dad in the Ford Falcon around the neighborhood in the Bronx looking for a parking space. When Missy A was in my lap…the only thing not the same compared to me and my Dad was his Corona Cigar angled away from the back of neck. And no,  I never got burnt… Mad skills my Dad had.  OK OK…before you call Children and Family Services…the car was parked…we was going nowhere….and the GPS will confirm that.

Hey remember life before Google Maps…AAA Trip Tiks highlighted in person by a AAA customer service person. There was something magical in the planning of a trip, going to the AAA office , leaving with the TripTik and assorted maps.

You know, sometimes technology is not an improvement, or at least does not make life easier. Having someone help is NOT a bad thing. My wife and I met a man the other day who left his tech travel job and is opening his own agency. He will actually use his expertise to help us efficiently and economically plan our trip and his fees are covered on commissions, as they are with all the other on-line travel companies. The difference is, we will be free to do other things, like read up on the places we plan to visit, and not spend hours on Trip Advisor, Kayak, Booking.com looking at the flashing: ONE ROOM LEFT AT THIS RATE!!!!!

2018: How about we make it a year of Service and Asking for Help. It just might make it more enjoyable!


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