Yea, well… spring is coming…

So, we’re the new family on the block and new to suburbia.  And I was kind of scared out of my wits when something came crashing through the front door. It was the mail! For some reason, our neighborhood was built without mailboxes at the street or even outside the front door. The preferred mail delivery portal is 12″ by 3″ slot in the front door. You’re sitting there , eating your steaming hot soup and BAM! And to add insult to injury , most of what is coming through the slot as new residents are flyers, brochures, and coupons for services that just are not on our agenda like a Winter Sprinkler Timing System that doubles as a Security Alarm, and that can also be adapted to be a garage door opener with a  self oiling track….Maybe next year.

And then, there is the postman. Great guy who has been doing this a long time. And he confesses to me: “You know walking up to everyone’s door is not efficient but I don’t really mind.  But in the winter it’s downright dangerous!  Icy  driveways, walkways, and stairs are the rule” And then he says” You know, may be one day you could be the first on your block with a street side mailbox. Not just me but the Postmaster would really appreciate it!”

Well I can take a hint, especially when me and the family are trying to get those new resident and neighbor merit badges! Thanks to a Home Depot/ Amazon collaboration,  a friend next door who showed me how to make the wet soil of Rhode Island be a more solid foundation, a penny farthing sculpture we found in the garbage in East Cambridge 5 years ago, and my 84 year old Greek Grandma neighbor who explained what I was doing wrong and proceeded to grab the wrench from my hand and finish the install. And this is my “A Cycling Family Lives Here” mailbox.!Penny Farthing Fall

So I had about two weeks of joy with this new mailbox.  Then I realized two things. Our mail gets delivered around 4:45  PM which is now dark. And the temperature has been steadily plunging which makes me loath to leave the aforementioned bowl of soup and go get the mail. So, I am sure glad I got the extra large mail box so i can wait till the next day to pick up the mail,  and if I forget to, there’s plenty of room for all those flyers!  Then, just as I was getting into rhythm with the dark, the cold, and the new mailbox, IT SNOWS!

Penny Farthing Winter

So, now, my mailman has to do this Cirque de Soleil move to get the mail into the Box from his truck and I am waiting for my new Snow Boots to be delivered from Amazon so I can leave the house. I never thought I’d say this but:  “Amazon Drones…My Front Porch is Cleared for Delivery! ”

That said, soon it will be spring, I’m getting some cool spoke reflectors from actual bikes to put on the Penny Farthing. And I do know that the mailbox was the best holiday present our mailman received. Merit Badge being pinned to my bathrobe as I type!

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