Stark Artist Talk 555 Gallery


Stark Artist Talk 555 Gallery: For those of you who could not attend my talk on April 19th here is the framework I used. We did not record the whole event but it was a great time insightful questions, and really supportive audience.

My images in the EMERGE series at the 555Gallery resulted from a trusting and intimate relationship between my subjects and myself. At first there may not seem to be a direct relationship between these images, and the street photography, the reportage, I do in France. One series is studio based, the other is street based. One involves a very close narrative with the subject, the other a more distant approach. One involves the naked human form, the other forms that are often not human and are if human are not naked although they may be clothed quite engagingly.
Yet for me there is a strong correlation in my approach to both projects. The concepts of awareness, openness, trust, honesty, and effort are at the root of all that I do. I have said that even when I am shooting an inanimate object, I am involved in an emotional relationship with that object. All my work is hopefully both honest and emotional at it’s core.
In this evening’s talk I will explore these themes:
• Openness
• Awareness
• Trust
• Honesty
• Effort
• Emotion

I will show examples from the EMERGE series and from my FRENCH collection and discuss these themes and how they relate to my approach and the resulting work.

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