Power Suit?

We are not , and always, how we dress.

We are not , and always, how we dress.

As I look forward to summer and my “Just Out of Reach” series on the beach, I want to let my friends and collaborators who have been gracious enough to work with me on my “Power Suit? ” series that I have not forgotten them. The response to this 4 images hanging in our loft has been incredible with people sometimes not even realizing the paired images are the same person. How we dress, what we project, what people’s assumptions are all go into how we are perceived. The issues around class, race, power, and the accompanying dress codes all are at play in this series. Suits, normally a symbol of achievement and to some degree “power” find a different meaning in the case of security guards. Here the suits/uniforms imply a more subservient role. And yet, they do have power of who enters the building and control that path no matter the power or status of who requires access to the building. “Sir, I NEED, to see a picture ID or I can’t let you in.” That said, you can see these individuals true power when they are dressed the way they want to project themselves. Control is perhaps the first definition of power. When we control what we wear, we have power. Even the most expensive suit , work by a venture capitalist, can be a symbol of the lack of power, if that person would rather be in a hoody and jeans. Choice is power.
I will continue to work on this series and hopefully I will exhibit them sometime in 2015 and 2016. If you know security guards who might want to participate in this series have them contact me at jonathan@starkview.com.

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